Scented Candles | The Moon Edition I

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Darling, just dance by the light of the moon.

For the lovers of the scents and art, The Moon Edition I brings a scent that was part of Florence's childhood - the smell Passion-Fruit Flower. It's the ideal vibe for some refreshment after a long day - velvety and suave, will help you reset and slowdown on a cheerful way. “Flor de Maracujá” belongs to the floral olfactive group.

Top notes: Passion-fruit, lime, orange.

Middle notes: Jasmin, Geranium, roses.

Base notes: rosewood.

The art on the label was designed by Brazilian artist Jackie Hatys, exclusively for Florence, therefore, this jar candle is a piece of art itself. All candles are artisanally made in Helsinki, from 100% eco soy wax and wooden wick.

Net weight: 200g
Burn time: 40 hours