Après Sauna Capsule

“Some look up and wish that they could be someplace warm. Others look down and are grateful to be on their way to someplace hot.”
Après is a French word that means “after”. In some winter countries the term “Après Ski” is known for describing that moment after you are done with a ski day and is ready to mingle, rest, enjoy, drink, eat, relax - be merry. I risk saying that some people are jumping the “ski” part in this process and going straight to the “après”, it has become a thing of its own.

Ever since I moved to Finland I wondered what’s the “Après Ski” thing here, and realized it’s actually found in coziness - specially after a sauna.

So why not boost this feeling, moment and sensation and help lifting a lifestyle around it?

As a solar person, every time I looked up searching for warmth in Finland - in all it’s senses - I found comfort in sauna.

Paying homage to Finnish most loved “me time”, most adored activity and strong cultural aspect.

Pieces - and soon more - for the after comfy sauna moment, enjoyed in the company of friends, family, a loved one, or your amazing self.

High quality clothing made from 100% certified cotton, screen printed by hand in Helsinki.